Are you summer ready

Summer is stuttering into action. Time to mothball the winter layers and expose a bit of flesh. To enjoy the sun and your summer wardrobe. But for some, summer has become a season to dread. For them, it’s a time to keep covered up. And all because they probably don’t know that they can be helped with the minimum of fuss, in the quickest time and with the least amount of pain or discomfort.

Yes, we’re talking skin tags. Skin tags shouldn’t be embarrassing. They’re extremely common. Most people will develop them in their lifetime on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts. They can also grow on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks. In summer, wearing a swimsuit, a bikini or a miniskirt is going to reveal untreated skin tags. And that’s why a lot more people look to do something about them in the summer months.

The procedure, as described on this site, typically takes 5 to 30 seconds, so you can easily fit a treatment into a working day. So, no more feeling embarrassed stripping off to enjoy the pool or the water park on holiday.

Also, while you’re thinking of preparing to flash a bit of flesh, don’t forget there are other ways of shaping up. Over winter, when you wrap up, your skins surface becomes rougher and duller. You can get your skin looking smoother and glowing by exfoliating. By scrubbing away the dead skin cells.

Wet an area of skin, then gently rub with an exfoliant (available from any pharmacy – or it can be homemade) in a circular motion. Without rubbing too hard, so you avoid damaging the superficial layers of skin, keep up the motion to achieve a healthy glow.

You may want to attend to unwanted hair you’ve let grow over winter when you’ve covered up. Now might be the time to apply shaving lotion and shave using a good razor so as to avoid any nicks or cuts. You may also want to consult a professional when you want unwanted hair removed. That’s something else we can offer you – a laser hair removal procedure.
Laser skin treatments can also be used to treat stretch marks.

So, if you’re ready to liberate yourself, to enjoy summer to the max, come talk to us about skin tag removal. We’d like to offer you a free, friendly consultation and if you want to go ahead book you in for a treatment at your convenience.