Face treatments Delivering the “Feel Good Factor” – in more ways than you think

Feel Good Factor

What do you think of when you hear the word, Botox? I suspect, like most clients that come to us for Botox in Southampton, thoughts would be in relation to cosmetic enhancement. This would be quite right in regards to the treatments we provide; giving subtle changes and producing the fresher, brighter appearance that our Clients are looking for.

However, you may be interested to learn that Botox (botulinum toxin to give it its full name) not only has the ability to deliver “The Feel Good Factor” but it can also provide a range of other practical benefits in the treatment of several medical conditions:

It can help back pain

Did you know that it can be used in the treatment of back pain?  Botox is a muscle relaxant and therefore can be used to elevate muscle spasms in the back.  Also Dysport, a Botox like substance, is used in conjunction with exercise to relieve knee pain that is common in runners and cyclists.

It’s being trialled for heart bypass care

Another use of Botox that may surprise you is heart bypass care.  It is being trialled to help eradicate irregular heartbeat after surgery.  In initial trials only 7% of patients that were given Botox suffered atrial fibrillation compared with 30% that received the current treatment.

Gives relief to those who suffer Multiple Sclerosis

Would you believe it also has an application in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis?

People with this condition experience shaking, when hot or tired; current medication used to elevate this often has little effect and so Botox is being trialled to see if it can provide a better solution.  In the study released following the trial it reported that the use of Botox resulted in a significant improvement of reducing the tremors.

Burning Mouth Syndrome relief

Burning Mouth Syndrome may not be something we are all familiar with but it gives great discomfort for sufferers and can last for months, even years in some cases.  It causes a burning sensation in the tongue and sometime in the roof of the mouth and lips.  In trials patients were given several injections and within 48 hours were pain free and had no side effects. Further, larger scale, trials are taking place but it is hoped that this will prove just as conclusive as the original trial and will soon provide welcome relief for people with the condition.

It is truly amazing what other applications Botox may provide, beyond the benefits of helping us to look our very best.