How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for the body in the UK. It offers a lot of freedom for those who complete their treatment course, often permanently slowing hair growth and leading to some people only needing a top up about once a year. Having only to address the body hair you don’t want only once a year sounds very appealing to most but how does laser removal work? Read below on your guide to laser hair removal.


How does hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by delivering a concentrated beam of laser light onto the skin and hairs in the treatment area. This light energy is absorbed by the hair and breaks up the pigment, beginning the breakdown process of the hair itself. This energy travels all the way to the root of the hair to inhibit its ability to grow back another hair. Repeat treatments result in the permanent reduction of hair growth in the treated area, leaving you with smoother and more hair-free skin!


How many sessions would I need?

Typically, courses of 6-8 treatments are recommended in order to procure the most effective and long-lasting results. This ensures that we can treat the whole target area attentively. However, the amount of treatments you’ll need does also depend on your hair type, as some are more receptive to the laser light than others. Hair density, colour, skin type, the area treated, and your personal hair growth will affect your treatment journey duration, but we can discuss our predictions at your initial patch test.


Does it hurt?  

Traditional laser hair removal or, that is to say, less advanced forms of laser hair removal were known to sting and be very hot. However, treatments with our laser system the Motus AX Alexandrite are far more comfortable. This is because the machine uses a Moveo headpiece to cool the treated areas, which actually drops its temperature down to as low 15 degrees Celsius! As the tip passes over small areas of the skin it causes gradual heating of the vital parts of the hair leading to its destruction. The process is totally painless, fast and does not cause any burning or discolouration of the skin.


Is it permanent?

Laser hair removal can have permanent effects in that some hair follicles may never produce a hair again. It can permanently limit and reduce the growth of hair follicles so that some growth may slow, and some may stop altogether. What we usually find is that a top up treatment is the only other method of hair removal required to just target the stubborn follicles that refuse to disappear.

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