Does laser hair removal hurt?

This is a common question that many clients have before they begin their laser hair removal treatment. In fact, it’s often the first question that is asked when someone first considered this treatment. More traditional laser hair removal methods might cause a stinging sensation but here in Southampton, we offer a solution to the pain.

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Dermal fillers FAQs answered

Dermal fillers are rising in popularity as it’s a treatment that addresses a plethora of conditions and can cater to wide range of contouring areas of the face. At Life Should Be Beautiful in Portsmouth, our extensive knowledge and proficiency in dermal filler treatments means we’re also able to offer advanced procedures including treating your tear troughs and even ageing hands. If you’re still figuring out what dermal fillers are then your search ends here as we have created an FAQ with all your questions answered below.

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How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for the body in the UK. It offers a lot of freedom for those who complete their treatment course, often permanently slowing hair growth and leading to some people only needing a top up about once a year. Having only to address the body hair you don’t want only once a year sounds very appealing to most but how does laser removal work? Read below on your guide to laser hair removal.

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What can dermal fillers be used for?

Dermal fillers have long been a popular form of cosmetic treatment, helping you to enhance your look in a variety of ways. Whilst there are different types of filler that can be used, one of the most common is hyaluronic acid, which can be used for many different treatments. The filler is injected into the treatment area, usually to fill fine lines and wrinkles, but they can also be used to add volume and definition. [Read more…]