Packages and Offers

The Beautification Package

A subtle enhancement package to add volume to the lips and definition to the cheeks for a refreshed and youthful appearance.

The Contour & Sculpt Package

Designed for those seeking a natural, contoured appearance. Combining lift and structure to the face by treating the lips, cheeks and defining the lower face.

The Renewal Package

A restorative treatment to add volume to the cheeks and significantly improve skin quality with Profhilo, giving a renewed lift and healthy glow to the face.

The Advanced Rejuvenation Package

This package includes a combination of selected treatments to lift, smooth, hydrate and restore volume to the structure of the face. Texture and elasticity are restored for an all over rejuvenation. 1-4 sittings required.

The Ultimate Neck or Décolletage Package

• 4 Radio Frequency Treatments
• 2 Profhilo treatments
• 1 Elastiderm serum

Refresh & Define

A package tailored to your individual needs for a fresher and more defined appearance.