Price List

One Area£160 
Two Areas£250 
Three Areas£300 
Underarm sweating£500 
Nefertiti Lift£300 
Masseter Muscle£300 
Gummy Smile£160 
Dermal fillers  
Juvederm Ultra 2 or Smile 0.55ml£200 
Juvederm Ultra 3 or 4 1ml£300 
Juvederm Voluma, Volift or Vobella 1ml£350 
Juvederm Volite1ml £3002ml £500
Juvederm eight point face liftPrice on facial assessment as bespoke to the individual 
Lip fillers£200, £300 or £350 
ProfhiloSingle Treatment 
One Syringe (2ml)£300 
Two Syringes (4ml)£500 
HydrafacialSingle TreatmentCourse of 6
Skin health for life£120£600 Save £120
Acne Peel Protocol£160£800 Save £160
Anti-aging with Dermabuilder£160£800 Save £160
Pigmentation & Sun Damage£160£800 Save £160
Obagi Rosacea Booster Serum£180£900 Save £180
Obagi Brightalive Booster Serum£180£900 Save £180
ExilisSingle TreatmentCourse of 4
Full Face£500£1,500
Half Face£350£1,000
Neck and Submental£250£750
Eye Lift£125£400
Exilis Body Treatments
Single Treatment
Course of 4
One area£250£800
Two areas£400£1,200
Three areas£600£1,800

* One area is equal to the size of an A4 piece of paper and an exact price will be advised during consultation.
For more information on areas of the body that can be treated please click on the treatment tab.

Combination Treatments
Hydra-Light treatment is a combination of HydraFacial and IPL Light therapy. This accelerates skin cell renewal, stimulating collagen production and provides hydration for that youthful glow. It also reduces redness and pigmentation to give you a more even skin tone.

Single Treatment
Course of 4
Full Face£225£750
Half Face£175£600

Hydra-Tight treatment is a combination of HydraFacial along with Exilis Radio-Frequency treatment. As well as the benefits from both treatments, this combination will accelerate the results of the Exilis due to increased hydration, giving you lifted, tighter skin.

Single Treatment
Course of 4
Full Face£575£1800
Half Face£425£1300
EDS Skin Needling
Single Treatment
Course of 3
IPL Facial Vein or Pigmentation Removal  
Single Lesion£75 
Cheeks and Nose£150 
Half Face£180 
Full face£200 
Full face and neck£250 
Full face, neck and chest£300 
Chest only£180 
Hair Removal Price List    
Face Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Centre Brow or Earlobes £45 £216
Upper Lip £55 £264
Chin or sides of face £70 £336
Lip and chin or Jawline and chin or neck £95 £456
Jaw, chin and upper lip £110 £528
Full Face £145 £696
Full Face and Front neck £165 £792
Body Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Fingers or nipples or naval line or toes £65 £312
Hands or Feet £75 £360
Underarm £85 £408
Bikini Standard or Buttocks £95 £456
Bikini Brazilian or lower arm or abdomen or upper arm or lower back £130 £624
Bikini full £165 £792
Half leg £195 £936
Upper leg including bikini £220 £1056
Full leg £275 £1320
Full leg including bikini £305 £1464
Underarm and bikini standard £140 £672
Underarm and bikini Brazilian £165 £792
Underarm and bikini full £210 £1008
Face Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Centre Brow or Earlobes £45 £216
Upper Cheeks £65 £312
Front or Back of Neck £95 £456
Front and Back of Neck £130 £624
Beard £140 £672
Beard and Front Neck £165 £792
Body Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Hands or Feet or Toes £75 £360
Underarm £95 £456
Buttocks £110 £528
Lower Arm or Chest or Stomach £140 £672
Whole Arm or Full Back (only) or Shoulders & Upper Arms £205 £984
Chest & Stomach or Lower Leg £220 £1056
Upper Leg or Full Back (including shoulders but not arms) £250 £1200
Full legs £385 £1848