The unique HydraFacial philosophy of Skin Health For Life is about not just improving the appearance of the skin, but truly restoring youthful, healthy skin. It uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deliver botanical ingredients with the most desirable nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper zinc and magnesium peptides. View the Hydrafacial treatment page for more.


Dermaplaning involves the removal of the vellus facial hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Skin will feel smooth, clean and radiant following treatment. Penetration of products after the treatment is greatly improved and make-up will glide more easily onto the skin.  Skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure, an SPF50 broad spectrum would be recommended to aid skin protection. Treatment suitable once a month. 

Ultimate Dermaplaning Facial

Cost £85 duration 1 hour 
Course of 3 £229

Cleanse, tone, dermaplane using 10 gauge scalpel to reveal a smoother, brighter fuzz free complexion, Cliniccare enzymatic peeling gel applied to gently exfoliate any blocked pores and any leftover residue, leaving skin silky soft and smooth.  Cliniccare AHA+EGF Skin Booster with a mixture of five different low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid to promote cellular regeneration and deeply hydrate.  A Ceramide Gel mask is applied to strengthen the skin`s moisture retention capacity.  The gel has both an anti-stress and anti-oxidant effect.  Sun protection is applied providing broad spectrum coverage to protect the skin from harmful rays.

LED Ultimate Dermaplaning Facial

Cost £110 duration 1 hr 15 minutes
Course of 3 £297

As above procedure with addition of LED Celluma PRO-LED light therapy award winning medical device, FDA cleared, CE Certified, provides the energy to regain and restore skin vitality naturally.  Deep penetrating wavelengths increase boost of cellular energy resulting in improved micro-circulation, tissue repair and decrease in inflammation.  Enhances treatment outcome.  Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bespoke OBAGI Medical Consultation, Skin Analysis and Mini-Facial, 40 minutes

Cost £65 duration 40 minutes

Ideal if you would like to try some of the Obagi advanced medical skincare products and have your skin analysed. This includes a clean and prep, a consultation and skin analysis, an exfoliation mask, and then skin hydration.

The Complete OBAGI Medical Skincare Ritual Facial

60 minutes £95 (£250 when booking a course of three)

A range of Obagi medical skincare products is used to brighten dull tired looking skin and to enhance your skins health & natural beauty. Including a facial massage you will feel pampered, and leave with a glow and be ready to go!

Face and Skin Clinic Light Facial with Medical Grade IPL Intense Pulsed Light

75 minutes £249 (£650 when booking a course of three)

This highly popular facial will improve you skin tone and texture and increase collagen production, whilst reducing facial redness/rosacea, thread veins and lightening pigmentation/age spots. This facial is also combined with a fruit peel and pampering so both results driven and relaxing. 


Derma-planing Facial

Relaxed Consultations

“What an outstanding place. Leanne put me at ease immediately, she has a lovely manner. She really really knows her stuff, has an immaculate clinic and most welcoming staff.”