Dermal fillers for men

As we enter the new age and with society changing, 2019 is seeing men now opting for injectable treatments such as dermal fillers. The taboo is being lifted on aesthetic treatments for men, as it’s being more widely recognised that men would like to look and feel good in themselves just as much as women. Body positivity is made for all sizes and genders, so the feminisation of these treatments is being dismantled. Dermal fillers are associated with plumper lips and fuller cheeks in the female face, but because of their treatment nature they can also be used to sculpt and define areas of the masculine face too.

The idealised masculine face

The typically sought after masculine facial structure is ideally angular and strong. High cheekbones, a prominent chin sometimes with a cleft, and an angular jawline are all common traits of the ‘ideal’ male. Even a broader nose may sometimes be requested by male clients. The ideal male cheekbone begins high, almost towards the ear, and extends further down the face than the female cheekbone for an elongating instead of rounded effect. The jawline itself is often sharper-angled than the rounded, oval – or heart-shaped female face.

How dermal fillers work

One of the most impressive aspects of dermal fillers for men is that they can be built upon. Which means dermal fillers isn’t a one size fits all and as much or as little dermal filler can be introduced to an area as your practitioner and you see fit. This means that dermal fillers don’t just achieve plumper cheeks for female customers but introducing them to follow the line of the male cheekbone will help enhance this angle and create more of a masculine facial structure. Adding dermal fillers to the chin helps elongate the jawline and create a more angular appearance to the lower face, potentially altering the perspective of your natural facial features.

The ageing male face

The signs of ageing can come for both men and women however women tend to see them first. This is because of the natural makeup of the female skin, as men’s skin tends to be typically tougher and thicker than women’s skin. However, this does not stop the ebb and flow of time and collagen degradation that comes for everyone. Facial folds may appear between the nasolabial lines (nose and mouth) and beneath the eyes in the tear trough. Dermal fillers placed in these areas can soften the appearance of these folds to produce a more youthful looking complexion without adding femininity to a male’s face.

Dermal fillers in Wickham

If you’re considering dermal fillers in Wickham and still want to know how a male can benefit from them then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Life Should Be Beautiful to get your journey started today.