The Non-surgical Lift Package

Targeting the eyes and cheeks or neck and submental 3

Lift the eye and cheek area or tighten the jawline and neck to add definition without the use of the surgical intervention. Using a mix of Elixis and Profhilo to build on your natural production of collagen, we can lift and firm these areas for renewed confidence.

What Is The Process ?

Week 1 – Exilis + Profhilo

Week 3 – Exilis

Week 5 – Exilis

Week 7 – Profhilo

Week 9 – Exilis

Elastiderm facial serum included in the package. 


Neck and Submental: £1325 – Reduced price of £1195 – Saving £130

Eyes and cheeks: £1575 – Reduced price £1195 – Saving £380