Botox by Life Should be Beautiful

Professional Botox Southampton

If you are looking for a Botox Southampton practitioner and are unsure where the best place for treatment is, the Life Should Be Beautiful clinic is the place for you.

At Life Should Be Beautiful, we focus on each individual client’s desires, and pride ourselves on professional development and continual research and expertise in the latest procedures and advancements in cosmetic treatments. We work hard to deliver a professional and calm environment where you can relax and receive the very best cosmetic treatments available today.

The Life Should Be Beautiful team is the first choice for Botox treatments in Southampton, with our luxurious boutique clinic welcoming clients from all walks of life. Our highly-qualified team welcomes you to our beautiful clinic, where we can discuss all of your requirements and walk you through the process and discuss everything you will want to know about Botox and other cosmetic treatments.

Our clinic is warm and friendly, and we can discuss any anxieties you may have about treatments to help you be as prepared as possible for your procedure.

Why choose us for your Botox treatment in Southampton?

Our Aesthetic Director, Leanne Hawkins, is one of the leading clinicians in Southampton Botox treatments, having set up the clinic after a decade of nursing for the NHS.

Leanne is registered with the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and takes great pride in ensuring the treatments used at Life Should Be Beautiful are the most advanced and trusted within the cosmetic industry.

How does Botox work?

Botox can restore a more youthful look to your face with many people finding they look less stressed and more rested after treatment. The Botox works by reducing the movement of the muscles in the areas of skin that are most affected by the repeated use of certain muscles and facial expressions.

The dosage used in treatments is prepared according to the individual and the result required, with the response to Botox treatment varying from the relaxation of particular muscles up to the inability to move certain muscles.

The needles used for Botox are very small to ensure minimal pain when receiving treatment.

Consultation for Botox

If you are considering Botox treatment or looking for a Botox Southampton practitioner, then you can visit our Life Should Be Beautiful clinic or contact us for a consultation.

We offer a friendly, no-pressure environment for your consultation and will ensure all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction before any treatment programme is considered.

Our team will help you understand exactly what is involved in the cosmetic treatments you are interested in and design a treatment plan to suit your needs and budget.

For the latest in Botox treatments and the best cosmetic treatments available, contact us today.