Cellulite reduction treatment – The fight against cellulite

A simple yet effective treatment for cellulite reduction

If you fancy ridding yourself of cellulite during the course of a few lunch hours and heading back to work in comfort afterwards, my clinic is the first south of London to offer cellulite reduction treatments incorporating the BTL Exilis Advance, a machine used by celebrities which has featured on TV shows such as The Real Housewives and The Kardashians.
FDA approved for cellulite reduction, this non-surgical solution works by stimulating and strengthening collagen whilst simultaneously firming loose skin and destroying fat cells. I’m absolutely delighted to offer this to patients, especially as there are many conditions which can be treated. However, I am going to start with cellulite, because as the nights draw in and we cover up, remember… it’s not very long to go until we uncover for Christmas parties.
Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of skin which happens as collagen structures change with age. This machine has the ability to bring about fantastic results and make a real difference in one month, whatever your age or area of concern. Treatment is relaxing and performed whilst you are lying down. It takes between 15 and 90 minutes and most patients will undergo four sessions, one each week.
Fat cells are effectively destroyed by a combination of radio-frequency and ultrasound. Results are inspiring and those I treat remark that it’s similar to the feel of a hot stone massage.
I apply treatment to specific areas of tissue where cellulite is in evidence – from top to toe – results may be visibly obvious after just one session, whilst a series of treatments can last for years.
This is a medical grade machine, only available at medical establishments where practitioners are qualified to my level (this therapy has been thoroughly tested in several clinical studies).
I’ve found that in meeting and successfully treating patients with cellulite, this ‘helping hand’ has motivated them to embrace additional health and wellbeing regimes.
If cellulite is affecting your life or body image, please get in touch today. I really enjoy carrying out this treatment because it brings about a genuine transformation in weeks.

Visit our clinic for your cellulite treatment in Wickham, Hampshire. It is situated in a beautiful location between Portsmouth and Southampton.

Blog soon, Leanne

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