Stop Shaving Your Armpits and Legs Now!

Shaving your armpit and leg hair may seem convenient but its consequences are actually doing you more harm than good. Many skin experts are now speaking out about the side effects of shaving, pointing out that our skin is super delicate to be exposed to razor blades frequently.

If you are a fan of shaving, here are several reasons that may help convince you to stop immediately.

Razor cuts

Shaving makes you vulnerable to cuts and scrapes, which usually happen when you press the blade too hard on the skin or move it in a weird angle. This can also be painful when the skin comes in contact with clothing. It can be especially dangerous and lead to infection, especially if the cut is deep or you used a rusty razor.

Razor burn and bumps

Apart from cuts, shaving can also leave you with nasty razor burns, which typically manifests as red, itchy, and angry rashes on the site where you shaved. This can be caused by shaving too frequently, shaving roughly, shaving against the direction of the hair growth, or dry shaving without a cream.

Causes serious skin damage

Shaving too often can strip away your skin’s protective layers. When this happens, the skin gets cracked and broken, which makes it susceptible to skin diseases and infections.
Unsightly bumps, pimples, and blisters can appear on your legs and armpits. Let’s not forget that, aside from being uncomfortable and painful,  damaged skin does not look good, specifically if you love showing off your legs. This can be a major blow on your self-esteem, too.


More commonly known as the ingrown hair, folliculitis is a skin infection caused by a fungus or Staphylococcus bacteria. It is a common sight for people who shave regularly. It occurs when the shaved hair starts to grow again but curls back and irritates the skin.

Laser hair removal 

The truth is you are probably way better growing out your hair than shaving all the time. But of course, some of us just can not say no to having a smooth and flawless skin. In this case, laser hair removal is the best way to go. It is a safe hair removal treatment that does not come with the side effects of shaving, tweezing or waxing.
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