How Stress Affects Your Skin

How Stress Affects Your Skin
Stress can be reflected in our physical appearance. When in full health our skin appears smooth and soft, but when we are ill, blotches, acne and discolouration of our skin can become evident.

Stress causes a chemical called cortisol which makes our skin sensitive and reactive. Our bodies are constantly creating cortisol as it is critical for the regulation of our metabolism. An increase in cortisol after a stressful event can lead to a plethora of negative health effects.

The influence of stress on your skin can be self evident. Listed below are common effects of stress which can be seen through the condition of your skin.

Appearance of fine lines.

Telomeres protect our chromosomes and dictate how fast our cells age. Telomeres can reduce in people who are under stress and as the telomeres shorten, cells die or become damaged causing fine lines to appear that can age our appearance.


Stress may lead to sleepless nights which can cause fluid to accumulate below your lower eyelid area, leaving your eyes to look puffy and swollen in the morning.


Cortisol can stimulate excess oil to be produced in the glands of the skin. Excessive oil can cause the pores in your skin to “clog up” helping acne to thrive.

Dry skin.

When cortisol in the body increases, the skin’s ability to retain water becomes damaged. High levels of anxiety can deplete your skin’s natural moisture, resulting in dry, flaky skin.


Capillaries expand from the increased blood flow that occurs when under stress causing redness to the skin.

The body’s ability to heal slows down.

Some people say a little stress can be good for your body as it can help to keep your mind sharp and focused but too much stress diminishes your immune system leaving reduced resistance to illness.

Existing skin problems.

Stress can cause deterioration in existing skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Anxiety needs to be avoided if possible.

Ignoring daily skin care.

Try to care for your skin even when you feel below par. The anxiety will soon pass and your skin will improve.

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