Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh When Travelling

Travelling makes us giddy above everything else. That adrenaline we get whenever we are having a weekend getaway or a long-awaited holiday is something we have always been waiting for. The prospect of travelling cheers us up, especially nowadays with all the stresses in work. But in all of our excitement, we have a tendency to ignore or compromise our skincare routine. As a result, we experience breakouts, excessive skin oiliness, parched skin, or sunburn in the middle of our travels – not Instagram-worthy at all.

We all know that being the most exposed part of our body, the skin is easily affected by the harsh environment. This is one of the reasons why most of us follow a beauty routine in the comfort of our home where our trusted beauty products are within our reach.

It is important to maintain your beauty regimen especially when you are travelling. Following a beauty routine can be a challenging task when out of town, but beauty and travel aren’t mutually exclusive. You can always make prior plans to make space and time for your beauty essentials. With just a few simple tricks, you can stay confidently beautiful on your next day’s trip. Here are some travel beauty survival tips which can help keep your skin flawless and make you stay confident whenever and wherever you travel.

Prep your skin in advance

Making prior transportation and accommodation arrangements when you travel and at the same time prepping your skin in advance should both be your priorities. Avoid making any changes in your beauty routine a couple of weeks before your trip to avoid any unwanted skin reactions from the new products that you use. A day or two before you travel, exfoliate your skin gently and moisturise as well. This will keep your skin in good shape before you travel.

Organise your beauty bag

To continue your usual beauty routine when you travel, make sure that every beauty product that you use is in your beauty pouch. List down everything so you don’t miss anything. It is important to pack smart by picking travel sizes of your regular cleanser, moisturiser, serum, day and night creams, or anything you use on a daily basis. Because your skin is going to be under stress while travelling, make sure you add in a purifying mask to remove impurities from your skin. A dry shampoo is a must to keep your hair smooth and oil-free if you do not want to wash it every day.

Keep your skin hydrated

Most people avoid drinking lots of water while travelling primarily to avoid the hassle of finding a restroom, but this is clearly an unhealthy practice for you and your skin. You need to give your body the hydration that it needs and there’s no other way than drinking plenty of water. While having enough water prevents you from having travel headaches, it also keeps your skin looking healthy. Stay hydrated by always bringing your own water bottle which you can refill anywhere you go. We, at Life Should Be Beautiful,  treat patients from all walks of life from media and TV personalities to business owners and homemakers. Call us on 01329 832269 to schedule an appointment with us today.