Stop Shaving Your Armpits and Legs Now!

Shaving your armpit and leg hair may seem convenient but its consequences are actually doing you more harm than good. Many skin experts are now speaking out about the side effects of shaving, pointing out that our skin is super delicate to be exposed to razor blades frequently.
If you are a fan of shaving, here are several reasons that may help convince you to stop immediately.

Razor cuts

Shaving makes you vulnerable to cuts and scrapes, which usually happen when you press the blade too hard on the skin or move it in a weird angle. This can also be painful when the skin comes in contact with clothing. It can be especially dangerous and lead to infection, especially if the cut is deep or you used a rusty razor.

Razor burn and bumps

Apart from cuts, shaving can also leave you with nasty razor burns, which typically manifests as red, itchy, and angry rashes on the site where you shaved. This can be caused by shaving too frequently, shaving roughly, shaving against the direction of the hair growth, or dry shaving without a cream.

Causes serious skin damage

Shaving too often can strip away your skin’s protective layers. When this happens, the skin gets cracked and broken, which makes it susceptible to skin diseases and infections.
Unsightly bumps, pimples, and blisters can appear on your legs and armpits. Let’s not forget that, aside from being uncomfortable and painful,  damaged skin does not look good, specifically if you love showing off your legs. This can be a major blow on your self-esteem, too.


More commonly known as the ingrown hair, folliculitis is a skin infection caused by a fungus or Staphylococcus bacteria. It is a common sight for people who shave regularly. It occurs when the shaved hair starts to grow again but curls back and irritates the skin.

Laser hair removal 

The truth is you are probably way better growing out your hair than shaving all the time. But of course, some of us just can not say no to having a smooth and flawless skin. In this case, laser hair removal is the best way to go. It is a safe hair removal treatment that does not come with the side effects of shaving, tweezing or waxing.
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The Beautiful Benefits of….

What is Botox? Botox treatments use different forms of the Botulinum toxin, which is known to attach itself to nerve endings to temporarily paralyze it and produce the desired effect. Check out some of the many benefits of Botox.
Kiss your wrinkles goodbye
Botox is one of the highly effective solutions to skin ageing. Getting a Botox injection does not only treat existing wrinkles but also prevents the development of future ones. The most common target areas for Botox treatments are the frown lines between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet or the lines from the corners of the eyes.

You will surely enjoy compliments for looking many years younger than your real age after your Botox treatment. Contrary to the popular notion that Botox treatments will make your face look stiff and expressionless, you can actually request your Botox specialist to adjust the dose accordingly for a softer and more natural result.

No more migraines
Anyone who has had a migraine attack can attest how debilitating the experience is. For people who constantly suffer this terrible condition, Botox treatments can be a lifesaver.

Many Botox professionals and patients swear by the pain alleviating effects of Botox when injected in low doses on several key points, which may include the forehead, the neck, the bridge of the nose, or the back of the head. Experts suggest that apart from relaxing the muscles, Botox injections also block pain receptors, making it a wonder drug for chronic migraines.

Lasting relief from aching joints
In connection with its brilliant effects on stopping the pain from serious migraines, Botox specialists have also found the treatment effective in reducing the discomfort and suffering from arthritis or severe back pain.
Say hello to fresh and dry underarms 
If you sweat like a waterfall and have tried every over-the-counter antiperspirant in the market to no avail, you may have a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. Fret not, because you do not have to deal with the humiliation your whole life. Botox is a safe and effective way to address your excessive sweating in the underarm region in a snap.
Choosing a qualified Botox specialist will go hand in hand in achieving the beautiful results you have always wanted.  The Life Should Be Beautiful Face and Skin Clinic can help you with that. We work with the region’s leading facial aesthetics clinicians who are dedicated to providing nothing but the best beauty and skin care treatment possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation today. Call us on 01329 832269.

Superfoods for Super Skin: What You Should Know

Everything you eat has a direct impact on how you look, especially on your skin. If you’re not familiar or not a fan of superfoods, then you will have to change your perspective if you want to achieve glowing skin that lasts 24/7.

A diet focused on high-quality lean proteins, fibre, healthy oils, raw fruits and vegetables, and spices are best for supporting healthy skin, and superfoods can provide you with all the nutrients that you need. These foods contain high-quality amino acids—the building blocks for firm skin—plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients that promote overall skin metabolism and defence against harsh environments.

One of the areas that you need to avoid is free-radical damage (free radicals can be found in alcohol, tobacco and some foods) which can weaken your skin’s immunity and break down its metabolic functions. This causes the skin to eventually become uneven, and it loses that youthful glow that everyone wants to achieve. It can also trigger inflammatory reactions that will eventually resulting in thin, wrinkled, and uneven skin.

Now, let’s get started on what you need to buy on your next visit to the supermarket. Highlighted below are the so-called superfoods that you should have in your kitchen. Not only will they fuel a healthy body and mind, but they’ll also help solve your most intense skin concerns and lead you to your most glowing look yet.


Ginger is widely known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in its roots. One of its characteristics that commercial companies are utilising is its soothing effect on skin, so don’t be surprised when you see it on facial menus, too.

Chia seeds

A famous smoothie ingredient, mixing these delicious seeds into your morning meal means you’re netting one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are best known for its properties that act as building blocks for healthy skin cell function and new collagen production to keep the skin foundation strong and wrinkle-free.


Get rid of that sugary cereal on your kitchen cabinets and replace them with a bowl of plain oats in the morning and the results on your skin will definitely blow you away. This food is low on the glycemic index, a scale that rates foods containing carbohydrates based on how much each food increases blood sugar. Foods with a low glycemic index are better because starchy foods, which have a high glycemic level, increase blood sugar, promote inflammation, and have been shown to be associated with acne breakouts.

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Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh When Travelling

Travelling makes us giddy above everything else. That adrenaline we get whenever we are having a weekend getaway or a long-awaited holiday is something we have always been waiting for. The prospect of travelling cheers us up, especially nowadays with all the stresses in work. But in all of our excitement, we have a tendency to ignore or compromise our skincare routine. As a result, we experience breakouts, excessive skin oiliness, parched skin, or sunburn in the middle of our travels – not Instagram-worthy at all.

We all know that being the most exposed part of our body, the skin is easily affected by the harsh environment. This is one of the reasons why most of us follow a beauty routine in the comfort of our home where our trusted beauty products are within our reach.

It is important to maintain your beauty regimen especially when you are travelling. Following a beauty routine can be a challenging task when out of town, but beauty and travel aren’t mutually exclusive. You can always make prior plans to make space and time for your beauty essentials. With just a few simple tricks, you can stay confidently beautiful on your next day’s trip. Here are some travel beauty survival tips which can help keep your skin flawless and make you stay confident whenever and wherever you travel.

Prep your skin in advance

Making prior transportation and accommodation arrangements when you travel and at the same time prepping your skin in advance should both be your priorities. Avoid making any changes in your beauty routine a couple of weeks before your trip to avoid any unwanted skin reactions from the new products that you use. A day or two before you travel, exfoliate your skin gently and moisturise as well. This will keep your skin in good shape before you travel.

Organise your beauty bag

To continue your usual beauty routine when you travel, make sure that every beauty product that you use is in your beauty pouch. List down everything so you don’t miss anything. It is important to pack smart by picking travel sizes of your regular cleanser, moisturiser, serum, day and night creams, or anything you use on a daily basis. Because your skin is going to be under stress while travelling, make sure you add in a purifying mask to remove impurities from your skin. A dry shampoo is a must to keep your hair smooth and oil-free if you do not want to wash it every day.

Keep your skin hydrated

Most people avoid drinking lots of water while travelling primarily to avoid the hassle of finding a restroom, but this is clearly an unhealthy practice for you and your skin. You need to give your body the hydration that it needs and there’s no other way than drinking plenty of water. While having enough water prevents you from having travel headaches, it also keeps your skin looking healthy. Stay hydrated by always bringing your own water bottle which you can refill anywhere you go. We, at Life Should Be Beautiful,  treat patients from all walks of life from media and TV personalities to business owners and homemakers. Call us on 01329 832269 to schedule an appointment with us today.

What causes age spots

Age spots are considered skin blemishes, also known as ‘liver spots’. They are flat (rather than raised) brown, grey or black spots the same texture as the rest of your skin that are caused by an excess production of melanin or skin pigment.

They can occur typically on the face, the back of the hands, the shoulders, upper back and on the forearms. They are perfectly harmless and do not pose a health problem. However, not everybody likes the appearance of age spots.

If you think you have dark spots on the skin always have a doctor or dermatologist check them and confirm that they are age spots and not cancerous or some other abnormality.
Doctors aren’t certain why age spots develop, but it is generally recognised that you can actually get them regardless of age, sex or race. People who are more likely to get them though are those that are over 40 years old, fair-skinned, have a history of frequent sun exposure and those that have regularly used tanning beds.

If you’re not happy with your appearance, there are treatments available to get rid of age spots, each carrying varying degrees of effectiveness.

There are bleaching creams available which will fade the age spot over several months. However, apart from the timescale, these creams make your skin more sensitive to UV damage. And that means wearing sunscreen at all times during treatment, even on cloudy days.

Medical treatments are available. One is an intense pulsed light treatment where a range of light waves is passed through the age spot to destroy or break up the melanin.
Another is the chemical peel which removes the outer layer of skin so new unblemished skin can grow and replace the spot.

Or there’s dermabrasion, which simply smooths off the outer layers of skin that will then be naturally restored with unblemished skin cells.

Lastly, what we recommend is a procedure involving the freezing of the age spot. This is cryotherapy, which is applied using a pen-like instrument, which we use also to effect skin tag removal. It’s very quick (using 5 to 30 seconds applications) and only induces slight discomfort akin to a mild nettle sting.

Whichever procedure you opt for, always make sure you wear sunscreen after a treatment to protect your healing skin from UV damage and to prevent the reoccurrence of the spots.

If you’d like to talk to us about removing age spots, do call or drop by and discuss how we can help you.